Kamala Harris’s gaffe-laden Latin America photo op laughable! (Full show)

Rick Sanchez History

Vice President Kamala Harris has embarked on a whirlwind tour of Mexico and Guatemala. Part of her message is to discourage the deluge of illegal immigration and “tackle corruption.” Rick Sanchez explains why sending a US politician to “tackle corruption and migration” in Latin America is “laughable” when the US is the cause of these issues by “manufacturing dictators” across the region. He also points out the racist subtext of media assumptions about Latin American politics. Then RT America’s Trinity Chavez reports the details of the Vice President’s trip before former UK MP George Galloway shares his insights.

Florida Gov. Ron De Santis has signed a controversial bill forbidding the participation of transgender student athletes from participating in sports competitions and teams designated for female students. Similar legislation is being pushed in 27 other states. RT America’s John Huddy reports.

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