Need to be

We re watched our latest video after reading many comments that made us realize we did not come across like we wanted. We were speaking out of frustration with the language barrier and this was not a reflection of our views on russia, it’s people, it’s government, it’s banks or its laws. We love it here but as can be expected we face many frustrations everyday and will continue to face them until we learn the language. After reading an article that said we were “disappointed with russia ” we decided to remove our video. We are not disappointed with Russia in fact the opposite is true. What Anneesa actually said was” I am very frustrated IN this country right now.” This was a reflection of her inner frustration with not being able to speak and understand, she was not frustrated WITH russia. Please except our apologies, we will try to be clearer from now on. We also have no Intentions of quitting or leaving Russia, this is our home.

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