Israel In Shock As Turkey Laying Sanctions And Cutting Off Oil Supply.

No more oil

The Middle East has always seen so much tension remain in the spotlight, especially in the always-evolving landscape of global Geopolitics. But among all these chaos and conflicts one has been existing for decades and doesn’t seem to stop. This is the conflict between Israel and Palestine. This Conflict has made the Turkish government take a stance against Israel and start to lay sanctions on the nation of Israel. They have started doing this by first of all cutting off the oil supply to Israel. This has sent shockwaves throughout the diplomatic world as no one was expecting Turkey to do this. This bold move by Turkey doesn’t just show its shifting alliances in the Middle East but also Turkey is trying to write its name and prove its growing assertiveness on the global stage. In this video, we’ll explore the motivations behind Turkey’s decision to impose sanctions on Israel and the potential ramifications of this bold move.

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