$150 billion spent on the Ukraine war, what has changed? | OverLap

Wave media Ukraine war

As it’s been a year of the Ukraine War and the 20th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq, an anti-war movement is rolling over the whole country in the United States. People are waving flags and carrying coffins, fighting for the lives that were lost in the wars driven by the US during the past several decades. Why is the US always involved in the endless wars? Are these wars really that noble? To what extent do the US people buy the story made up by the DOD? How do Chinese people think of this anti-war movement in the US? What would be the future of the US capitalism? In this episode of #Overlap, we have Brian Becker, a commentator from #BreakthroughNews and Kris Yang, a current affairs commentator from Guancha based in China, to discuss all the questions above.

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