Iraq War 20th anniversary: ‘Shock & Awe’ architect says invasion was Desert Storm on steroids

Going Underground Iraq

On this episode of Going Underground, on the 20th anniversary of the Iraq War we speak to Dr. Harlan Ullman, Senior Advisor at the Atlantic Council and one of the architects of the ‘shock and awe’ tactic. He discusses the significance of the 20th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, why ’shock and awe’ was not followed in Iraq and how the tactics actually used were the ones employed in Operation Desert Storm in 1991 on steroids. He will also talk about the history of a lack of understanding and knowledge at the top of the US government and how that leads to foreign policy disasters, the need for a ‘Red Team’ to be an opposing voice in crafting US foreign policy, the Russia-NATO war in Ukraine, and much more.

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