Sex, lies and videotapes: Yet another scandal involving Western mercenaries engulfs Ukraine

a former member of

A lawsuit alleges that the American founder of the ‘Mozart’ group is a sex pest and conman.

A lawsuit filed by a former member of the mercenary Mozart Group has raised serious questions about the controversial outfit, including its founder – former US marine Andy Milburn. It’s just the latest example of how grift in the Ukraine conflict has led to very serious consequences. 

Founded in mid-March 2022, the organization was designed to make a major impact in the Ukraine conflict, in every way. Its name was attention seeking, a provocative pun on Wagner, the Russian private military company that in recent weeks has been steadily liberating Ukraine-occupied territory in the Donbass. The media-savvy, combat-experienced Milburn was highly effective at inserting himself into the coverage, being widely quoted by Western news outlets.

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