Are NATO and Russia on the brink of war over the Ukraine crisis? (Ex-UK ambassador to Russia)

Going underground Russia NATO

On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to the former British ambassador to Russia, Sir Tony Brenton. He discusses the latest on the Ukraine crisis, the possibility of a Europe-wide war between NATO and Putin’s Russia, whether a last-minute breakthrough could be achieved by the US, NATO and Russia, the background of hostility between Russia and NATO, the alliance’s involvement in regime-change wars, its legacy, and much more.

Statement from the Embassy of Serbia: NATO aggression on FR Yugoslavia was a grave violation of international law, completely illegal and unjustified. It caused devastation, suffering and huge civilian victims: almost 4000 deaths, 6000 heavily injured, with 2700 children among them. There were enormous destructions of infrastructure, highways, bridges, electricity grid, factories, with estimated economic loss at the level of $100 billion. The bombing of the Chinese Embassy, clearly marked as a diplomatic premises, has left 3 people dead and 21 injured.  This heinous crime, as well as the whole NATO aggression on FR Yugoslavia, remains a mournful historical reminder of disrespecting international law tragic consequences.”

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