Kenosha holds breath ahead of Rittenhouse verdict (Full show)

All eyes

The jury have yet to reach a verdict in the high-profile and sharply divisive trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, who killed two protesters during a violent and destructive riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin last year. Deliberations are expected to continue on Wednesday. Faran Fronczak walks us through the chain of events preceding Rittenhouse’s arrest. Then RT America’s John Huddy reports from outside the courthouse in Kenosha before retired LAPD official Timothy Williams Jr. and Steve Gruber of the Steve Gruber show share their insights.

Migrants encamped in thousands at the heavily fortified border between Belarus and Poland are saying their situation is impossible to survive and have taken to pelting Polish forces with rocks in their desperation to break through. RT’s Igor Zhdanov reports live from the harrowing scene. Then Investigative journalist Ben Swann reports on a virtual summit, held on Tuesday between US President China and Chinese President Xi before RT America’s Trinity Chavez reports on a Russian test in space to hit an old Soviet satellite.

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