The cost of healthcare, how the newspapers lie to you

Global Look Press G. Ronald Lopez

The show this week opens with Lee shredding an NPR headline where the foreign minister of Hungary declared that having Radio Free Europe, a part of the US’ propaganda network, in his country would be an insult. NPR chose to cover the story without truly dealing with why Hungarian officials might consider their presence an affront.Then Naomi Karavani makes her VIP debut in our new segment. She looks at a recent study which found healthcare costs in the US are so out of control that if those resources were redirected we could absolutely afford universal coverage.

In the second half of the show Lee speaks with Daniel Silver. He is the author of ‘Unravelling the Puzzle of the Los Angeles Times’. In the book Silver dissects several articles from this popular newspaper to explain how this type of propaganda is crafted. What is being said. What is being left out. How it’s being said. And how that’s used to influence what the reader thinks about the topic.

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