Russian contribution to international development assistance.


About the Project
Humanitarian Map – is an interactive digital portal created by the Humanitarian Monitor project, which was founded in April 2020 by Russian experts in international relations. The mission of the Humanitarian Monitor project is to raise awareness of the Russian and foreign audience about various aspects of international humanitarian cooperation and Russian contribution to international development assistance.

Thus, the Humanitarian Map is one of the tools to fulfill our mission. It is essential for us to ensure that data on how Russia assists foreign partners in emergencies and in peacetime, for example, while delivering assistance to their socio-economic development, is available for government agencies, experts, corporate sector institutions, non-profit organizations, the academic and student community, and for citizens and society at large. The functions of the Humanitarian Map are designed so that each of you can become a contributor of the data displayed on the map, implementing the crowdsourcing principle. Any expert, or provider of assistance (government agency, NGO, commercial company) may provide data on the fact of assistance using a special form. We recommend that you take a look at the project methodology beforehand.

For the convenience of foreign users of the Humanitarian Map we have provided multi-language access to the portal. Russian and English versions are available at the moment. The project team would appreciate your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve the Humanitarian Map.

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