Elon Musk reveals brain implant, FBI invents left-wing conspiracies, New Jersey sues Exxon

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Elon Musk recently unveiled a pig with a microchip brain implant. Lee Camp reviews the ways that Musk and his billionaire buddies could use this technology to surveil the public. The FBI continues to invent threats from environmental and racial justice activists that they can use to expand their budgets and persecute anyone who’s bothering them, and California Governor Gavin Newsom signs an emergency eviction relief law.

Negligence by Pacific Gas & Electric Company has sparked several major wildfires in California, and its victims haven’t been compensated, but the Baupost Group made a fortune. Natalie McGill reports on the hedge fund that made $3 billion by taking advantage of these wildfire victims. Anders Lee brings Camp an update on the legal case of Breonna Taylor, and the story of how Hoboken, New Jersey is suing Exxon Mobil and other representatives of big oil for covering up the dangers of climate change.

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