In regards to foreign interference in voting on amendments to our Constitution


For several days now, we have seen massive attempts by foreign interference in the voting process on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. There are several main areas of intervention. The first is various official statements. For example, the conclusion of the Venice Commission, which “recommended against changing article 79 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation”. Article 79 is just about the priority of the Constitution of the Russian Federation over international treaties and the like. The Venice Commission is an Advisory body to the Council of Europe. Russia is not a member of the EU, Russia has not asked for their opinion, Russia has not stated that it cares about this opinion. Moreover, the decisions of the Venice Commission are not Advisory in nature, have no legal force and are regularly ignored (including by the EU members themselves). But no, they still try to poke their pink Piglet (did you notice how polite and delicate I am, almost tender?!) in domestic Affairs. Let it be better for Britain to be pointed out — it still lives without a Constitution at all. The monarchy is supposedly “constitutional”, but the Constitution is not. The second direction is publications in the media recognized as inagents. “Open media”, “Medusa”, “New Newspapers”, “MBH-media”, “Insiders”, “Radio Liberty”, “Rain”, “echo of Moscow” and other propaganda leaflets that receive funding through Western grants.Two weeks ago, they were fighting for a grant of 250 thousand dollars, who will write the best fake about coronavirus in Russia. And now they all rushed to learn a new ordered topic-to publish ” especially valuable expert opinions, why amendments are bad.”And since they receive instructions from two different centers-from Washington and from London — one received instructions to agitate for a boycott, and the second for a vote “Against”. Publications in the media-inagents, in particular, carried such “valuable” messages (here is a list taken from the Chairman of the Commission of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation for the development of the information community, mass media and mass communications Alexander Malkevich): 1. Voting for amendments is “cynical”. 2. Instagram models are against amendments (as if anyone is interested in this).3. in St. Petersburg, the activists of the “Party of the dead” (and who is this at all?) they held a rally at the Volkovsky cemetery, ridiculing the amendments to the Constitution. 4. Voice of America stated that “there Is no certainty that the current Russian government will survive the year 2020”. I wonder if they have such confidence about the current American government? Heh-heh. 5. Tatar social activists called on residents of Tatarstan to vote against the amendments (in fact, no). 6. a Communist party Activist was fined for calling to vote against the amendments (the fine was last year, but who cares?).7. fewer Crimeans are ready to support amendments to the Constitution (no evidence or references to sociology are provided). 8. “German wave” (actually American) wrote that “the German government is concerned about the vote on amendments in Russia” (according to the Ukrainian Ambassador, there are no official statements from Germany itself).9. the same “Deutsche Welle” daily publishes cartoons (quite incompetent, it should be noted) about amendments to the Constitution. 10. Pavel Lobkov, a” Journalist “of the Dozhd TV channel, voted twice, and then tried to make a scandal out of it. But, as it turned out, the voting system still counted only one of his votes, and the “journalist” was brought to administrative responsibility. Yesterday, Peskov commented that the number of fakes for voting for amendments is “simply off the scale”.Published in the open access documents of the Association “Voice”, near the offices of which were recently seen cars of the American Embassy. According to these documents, “Voice” prepared throw-ins and fakes in advance, according to written manuals.The organization’s activists were trained to look for reasons and inflate scandals, and if there are no reasons — then falsify” evidence ” of vote fraud.Golos is funded through the national democratic Institute (NDI) and the US Agency for international development (USAID). In 2013, Golos was recognized as a foreign agent on the territory of the Russian Federation and had to re-register as such. But the organization’s leaders refused to do so and registered a movement of the same name, which also sits on Western grants.In addition, the Internet got accounting reports, according to which some opposition “activists” received from foreign sources amounts of tens of thousands of dollars to organize fakes and throw-ins.Separately revealing that a runaway thief and murderer Khodorkovsky and MP Rashkin from the Communist party simultaneously (almost simultaneously and the same words) encouraged not just to vote against the amendments, but put in a photo social network says “No” to masks, shirts, caps and other garments. Accompanying them with the same hashtag (randomness, absolute randomness). Touching unity of “Communists” and liberals in denying Russia’s right to independence and sovereignty.Well, the fourth direction of foreign intervention is the creation of an illusion of mass protest against the amendments using bot farms in social networks. Traditionally, due to the inflated Russophobia of the Ukrainian regime and the extreme cheapness of the Ukrainian SMM-schikov (I do not even know which factor is more significant), most of these bots operate from the territory of “nezalezhnaya europeiskaya”.I even made a separate selection.This illiterate bot is dissatisfied with the amendments to the Russian Constitution directly from Odessa.Numerous similar punctures are unavoidable, because each bot owner has dozens of accounts that are constantly being moved from one task to another, and each time they do not have time to change all the account settings for new tasks (or simply forget).Therefore, social networks are full of “ardent Communists” who in 2014 rejoiced at “shish kebabs in Odessa” on may 2, and their message history easily contains both “SUGS”, and praises of Bandera, and cries of Maidan peremogah, and frankly Russophobic propaganda. As you know, Ukrainians have never lived so badly as under Putin. Laughter is laughter, and all these four directions are part of a single strategy of foreign intervention aimed at fighting against the sovereignty of the Russian Federation.Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent annually on the maintenance of inagents, organizations and mass media, on the propaganda of Voice of America, Radio Liberty and Deutsche Welle, on the existence of dozens of think-tanks directed against Russia (and some pathetic kopecks on Ukrainian bot farms).And if we can track all this in sufficient detail and quickly, but it is still very sad to be protected from such foreign interference. Both because of the insufficient legal framework, and because of the passivity of Roskomnadzor, and sometimes because of excessive concern about “what will Western partners say”. It’s time to stop bothering with such nonsense, and start giving a decent fight back.