Ukraine War Latest – Col Doug Macgregor

Judding freedom

Thank you Col Macgregor for speaking about ukrainisation of Poland. It happens not only because of millions of Ukrainians are coming to Poland but because the Government in Warsaw puts Ukrainians above Poles creating laws that favour Ukrainians. So Poles are becoming a second category citizens in their own country. The gov. in Warsaw spends huge amount of money to create jobs, build homes, and give privileged access to health care and social help to Ukrainian, whereas nothing like that is available to Poles. There are millions of PL zlotych spent by the gov. to hire Ukrainians in municipal, county and Polish health agency offices. It is crazy. Poles cannot find job in Poland because Ukrainians put in the office prefer to hire Ukrainians. Ukrainians travel all over the Europe and the world, and when they spend money for travelling they come to Poland and use the system that favours them to get money as “refugees” to continue traveling. Polish citizens are those who carry the financial burden of this war. Ukraine never was and is friendly to Poland. They refuse to acknowledge the Wolyn genocide and other crimes against Poles that happened in the past. Why the gov. in Warsaw goes so far pushing out Poles from the country and settling Poland with Ukrainians? It cannot ends up well.

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