US Prison for Afghanistan Haji Ghalib: from Anti-Taliban combat to Guantanamo

US prison

US Prison for Afghanistan is a new film by RT Documentary which tells the story of Haji Ghalib, an Afghan ex-chief of police, who spent 5 years in American prisons under false terrorism allegations, underwent humiliation and torture, lost most of his family, but never gave up the fight for his country’s future.

Haji Ghalib’s life has been a fight for the past forty years: he fought the Soviets, the Taliban, the ISIL. When the US declared the war on terror in 2001, Haji Ghalib was serving as a chief of police. In 2003, the US military arrested him right at his workplace and charged him with ties with Al-Qaeda and Taliban. Before taking the detainee to Bagram prison, the Americans tortured him by tying him to a bed so his head would hang over a bucket of water, and then submerging his head for 15-20 minutes.

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