This Taiwan photo op has China furious with US (full show)

Rick Sanchez state visit

Chinese officials are angry with the US and they’re filing a formal complaint. The reason for the complaint is that three US senators, Democratic senators Tammy Duckworth and Christopher Coons and Republican Dan Sullivan met with senior Taiwanese officials during a bipartisan trip to express their support for the island. China is also angry that the US has pledged to give Taiwan 750,000 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine. RT America’s Alex Mihailovich has the details, then geopolitical strategist, John Sitilides gives his analysis.

The Department of Justice fought a secret legal battle to obtain the email logs from four New York Times reporters, according to the paper, apparently in a hunt for their sources. RT America’s John Huddy brings us the story. Then former New York Times reporter and host of On Contact, Chris Hedges, weighs in.

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