CrossTalk, QUARANTINE EDITION: Biden’s forever wars?

Over the past three presidential election cycles there is clear evidence voters are attracted to the message of non-interventionism and are wary of forever wars. This most certainly helped Trump in 2016. But his time in office has been spotty at best. Now Joe Biden appears to embrace the same foreign policies as Bush and Obama. I guess nothing will fundamentally change. … Read More >CrossTalk, QUARANTINE EDITION: Biden’s forever wars?

CrossTalk, QUARANTINE EDITION: Epstein’s secrets

The Epstein-Maxwell saga is one of the most sensational and shocking stories of our time. However, media coverage appears to be limited to lurid details and political overtones. The single biggest question that needs to be answered is how all of this could happen. Where was law enforcement? And will justice be finally served? … Read More >CrossTalk, QUARANTINE EDITION: Epstein’s secrets