China stuns Biden & the world with new space station (Full show)

Rick Sanchez catching up to China

In the first of 11 expected missions, China has launched the core of what will become a manned space-station, marking a significant step forward in the country’s space program. Trinity Chavez reports. Then Prof. Richard Wolff, founder of Democracy at Work and host of “Economic Report” and Rick Tumlinson of Space Fund join Rick Sanchez to discuss what the cutting-edge space station means for the future of exploration and development in outer space as well as the waning power of the US.

Tensions are rising in the already volatile East China Sea as Taiwan sounds the alarm about an expected “final assault” by Beijing. This comes at a time of increased weapons sales from the US and a de facto abandonment of Washington’s decades-long “One China” policy. RT America’s Alex Mihailovich reports. Then former Pentagon official Michael Maloof shares his expertise.

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