Still looking for a bogeyman? Moscow slams US State Dept after it posts $250,000 grant to ‘expose Russian health disinformation’

Instead of casting grudges

Instead of casting grudges aside to fight the coronavirus, anti-Russia elements in the US are striving to make the Kremlin a scapegoat, Moscow has said, decrying the new US grant to “expose Russian health disinformation.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry has issued a rebuke to the US Department of State over its newly-published grant notice on Friday. The grant “opportunity” will see a hefty sum of money – some $250,000 – awarded to “an organization with experience in counter Russian disinformation, analysis and programming,” which will have to “produce a report on Russian and Soviet health-related disinformation campaigns” under the watchful eye of “subject matter experts” from the State Department’ Russia Directorate. The prospective contractors will have till June 20 to apply for the grant.

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